Creative design of packaging design

- May 11, 2018-

The embodiment of packaging creativity

Successful packaging design must include some creative elements. What is creativity? This is a simple and complex issue.

Creativity is a good idea, a good idea, and it shows its new and unique nature. The "creation" in creativity has a "pioneering" interpretation. "Italian" has the meaning of "new and creative." The embodiment of creative packaging design is various and can be reflected from the packaging materials, forms, packaging structure, etc., as well as the specific aspects of packaging brand fonts, graphics, color packaging, and packaging layout.

Packaging design is a kind of visual communication art. It seeks visual creativity and aesthetics. At the same time, there is a clear message. The idea of creative expression without a clear information visual form will not reflect the commercial value of packaging. Creativity always centers on the function of packaging. The dissemination of information.

Creative preparation for packaging design

Innovation is a kind of innovation, and innovation is the source of human social development. It is also an inexhaustible motive force for artistic progress, new pursuits, and changes. The enterprise's packaging design service is facing fierce market competition and finicky consumers. Only creative product packaging can have sales force and attractiveness to conquer the market and win customers' favor. Creativity is the soul of design and a prerequisite for successful design. Excellent ideas come from the keen market insight, positive thinking, knowledge accumulation and rich experience of the designers. In packaging design, creativity is the key to success. An obscure product packaging, after the designer's creation, can finally present the beautiful creative packaging to consumers, so that the added value of the packaging has been improved.

However, package design is a conditional creation activity (such as basic size, shape of package, customer's subjective opinion, packaging cost, limited packaging and processing technology, etc.) How to break through the limitations and obtain new life in limited conditions Under the limitless thinking, every designer must work hard to explore long-term work.

Before packaging specific ideas, we must first fully understand the products and products that are produced by the company. They usually have three ways of working:

1, the basic conditions of the work market, such as market characteristics, product potential, competitors and so on.

2. The basic information of consumer groups, such as the age, economic income, and cultural quality of consumers;

3. The basic conditions and changes of market-related products and products (such as new products or old product packaging) include brand image, reputation, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales, etc.

After extensive understanding, designers can use their data to give full play to their imagination and creativity, and to make a preliminary creative idea. After further review, continuous improvement and development, and finally determine the focus of creativity. In general, packaging creative goals should firmly establish the "people-oriented" thinking, and people are an important factor that cannot be ignored. When looking for accurate and reasonable packaging design positioning, we must pay attention to people's material needs and psychological feelings. The packaging process of creative expression begins with our thinking. The stronger the reverse of this thinking is, the horizontal and logical, and the practical thinking. This is a valuable idea.