Comparison of PET and PP plastic boxes

- Apr 25, 2018-

Comparison of PET and PP plastic boxes

PP plastic box: Also called polypropylene plastic box, it is a kind of high-density, high-polymer resin varieties, showing white translucent, waxy. PP plastic box production points, the need for uniform plastic wall thickness, to avoid lack of glue, sharp corners, to prevent stress concentration.

PET plastic box: PET is also called polyethylene terephthalate. Its molecular structure is highly symmetrical, so it has good film forming, optical properties, electrical insulation, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. during processing. PET plastic box production generally presents a bottle, widely used in the market.

PVC plastic box: currently the most popular category, also known as PVC, with non-flammable, high strength, weather-resistant, ultra-stable acid and alkali qualitative, etc., used to make plastic boxes, plastic products used in life In the packaging of common items, we are the most common one.

Colored plastic boxes are used for the packaging of some colored articles for better results. The color type is generally viewed from the smoothness of the technical level, such a plastic box under certain pressure, the plastic box test: between the surface and the smooth surface of the rise of the glass, the plastic box in the slope of the flow of time required to come Measure smoothness. General production companies, manufacturers of good technology, molding plastic box has the following properties: good fluidity, cooling speed. During the production process, the gating system and the cooling system should be slowly cooled, and attention should be paid to controlling the molding temperature. The contact between the surface of the material and the printing plate should be taken into consideration. The more uniform the printing product is, the better the coloring effect of the printing plastic box is.