Classification of material selection for plastic packaging

- May 03, 2018-

The raw materials of the plastic products are only plastic sheets, and the thickness of the film is not more than 1.5MM. The plastic products are mainly made of high quality plastic materials such as PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, and flocking, and produce high grade and various specifications of electronic plastic packaging, stationery type plastic packaging, toy plastic packaging, hardware plastic packaging, and food. Plastic blister packaging, daily chemical gifts, handicrafts, blister packaging.

PVC: the most commonly used materials, soft, strong toughness, good plasticity, can be made into transparent and various colors, often transparent PVC plastic blister shell, cosmetics, toy gifts and other products.

PET (A-PET): hard, tough, high strength, glossy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, transparent and multi colored sheet. The disadvantage is that PET is difficult to heat and heat, and the price is much more expensive than PVC. This material is often required to replace PVC with high-end and environmentally-friendly users.

PS: small density (light weight), non toxic environmental protection, very good plasticity, poor toughness and brittle brittle material, can not be made into bright materials, so it can only be made into bottom support, because it is easy to crack, this kind should not be recovered.

PP: the material is especially soft, good toughness, non-toxic and high temperature resistant. It is often made into food utensils or other high temperature resistant products, but its plasticity is poor, the processing is difficult, the surface gloss is poor, and the color will be shallower when processing. The main classifications are as follows:

(1) material classification: PVC blister, PS blister, PET blister, ABS blister, PP blister, PC blister, PE blister, acrylic blister, flocking blister and so on.

(2) industry classification: food plastic, medical plastic plastic, electronic plastic, health care products, plastic plastic, plastic plastic, toy plastic, daily necessities and so on.

(3) shape classification: plastic tray, blister cover, folding plastic absorption, seventy percent off plastic suction, bottom cover plastic absorption (World box suction), high frequency absorption, folding blister and so on.

(4) classification of finished products: suction lamp box, plastic door plate, suction plastic, car panel, pet cage chassis, toy car shell, rear projection TV shell, air conditioning shell, plastic blister shell, plastic blister cover, thick plastic, thick plastic suction, thick wall plastic, plastic products, plastic packaging

(5) sheet metal blister, PVC sheet Blister, ABS sheet Blister, PC sheet Blister, PS sheet Blister, PETG sheet Blister, acrylic blister

(6) medical and food plastics, food pallets, oral liquid sucking, medicine packaging and plastic packaging, plastic and plastic packaging used for plastic and plastic packaging used for plastic and plastic packages called hard slices or film, commonly used: PET (Polyterephthalate two ester) hard slice, PVC (polychloroethylene) hard slice, PS (polystyrene) hard slice . PS is low density, poor toughness, easy to burn, when burning, it will produce styrene gas (a harmful gas), so it is generally used to produce a variety of industrial plastic tray. PVC hard piece toughness is moderate, it is not easy to burn. It will produce chlorine gas when burning. It has a certain influence on the environment. PVC is easy to heat in. It can be sealed by a sealing machine and high frequency machine. It is the main raw material for producing transparent plastic products. PET hard film has good toughness, high transparency, easy combustion and no harmful gas in combustion. It belongs to environmental protection material, but it has high price. It is suitable for high grade plastic products. The blister shell in European and American countries usually requires PET hard film, but it is not easy to heat, and it is difficult to package. In order to solve this problem, people are in PET The surface is covered with a layer of PVC film, named PETG hard disk, but the price is higher.