Blistering phenomenon

- May 10, 2018-

Pulling in the production process of plastic boxes is a frequently encountered process problem. How to reduce the occurrence of wire drawing is of great importance to manufacturers: First, the overall quality of the plastic box is improved, and the appearance of defective products is reduced. Secondly, "drawing" is a quality defective plastic packaging quality, follow-up will be selected through the quality inspection, although in purpose to achieve the quality of quality control. However, the emergence of a large number of defective products will reduce the original profits of the manufacturers and will not be worth the material and manpower.

Therefore, we must fundamentally avoid the occurrence of “drawing” in the production of plastics. The reason why this kind of quality problem arises is generally in these several aspects: The first is when the mold design does not take into account the follow-up production problems, this has a direct relationship with the skill level of the mold designer's experience. Every blister packaging product is treated differently, and there is no universal means, or a production method to produce all the plastic molds. When a plastic mold is designed and produced, there will be no obvious problems in the early proofing; therefore, this makes some moldmakers who are not very experienced in production to be paralyzed and does not consider much about the production in the workshop. .

There is a fundamental difference between the early stage proofing of the blister and the later batch production process. Pre-proofing is generally a few samples, a mold, a master is easy to control with his hands. However, when it is formed on the high speed machine in the later period, it is an entire plate mold composed of several or a dozen or even several tens of hundreds of small molds. At this time, the adjustment of the high-speed plastic blister machine is to have so many molds come out of the blister must have no quality problems, can not appear "pull wire" situation. There are times when a master who operates a blister machine does not adjust well after a full day. There may be many reasons for this. However, if the design is unreasonable in the early stage of the mold, it will bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble to his work. The easy-to-manufacture blister products and the molds are installed on the machinery. Under normal circumstances, it takes more than ten minutes to debug and normal production. Therefore, the design of the early mold has a causal relationship with the following series of production.

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