Blister pull phenomenon (2)

- May 10, 2018-

Blister drawing (drawing) is a common occurrence in the process of blister industry. There are many factors to cause these reasons, the last one is from the mold side: the early plastic mold designer, because of the lack of experience, only from a very narrow angle to look at, the model is done, can be out of the sample. However, if the production situation is not fully considered, the whole production process will fall into a passive situation. Therefore, a qualified, experienced and responsible plastic box mold maker can bring positive benefits to the whole plant, and vice versa.

When the plastic mold has already done the job responsibility, but in the production of plastic suction can not avoid the "drawing line" phenomenon, this situation is also a situation often encountered by the high speed machine operators. Some of the plastic structures are complex, and the gap between the grooves and the holes is too close. It does not give a reasonable drawing area for the plastic sheet. The vacuum vacuum pressure alone can not solve this problem by the vacuum suction machine. Because when the plastic sheet is softened and stretched, the plastic box is sucked out in the process of rising of the mold because the vacuum has already been pumped, causing the pressure difference between the outside and the inside, so that the film is attached to the mold. In this transient process, it may take more than 10 seconds for a few seconds, if the film is wrapped in a slender structure, or the height of the slot is scattered. Because the pressure of vacuum is the same force for every inch of film. But at this time, some places need greater pressure. Simple vacuum is impossible. This often leads to the phenomenon of plastic drawing.

As mentioned earlier, this is a situation that every plastic factory often meets. How to deal with this situation depends on the technical level of the operator. Because of mechanical differences, there is no uniform way. Every master of the machine must be very aware of the machinery that he operates, just as he is familiar with some part of his body, and at this time he will have full confidence to solve the problem. If we find the right way, we will be able to solve it. If it is not proper, how can we not solve it.

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