Blister production

- May 10, 2018-

The production process of blister is about the same for every manufacturer. From the receipt of customer orders, from the production of plastic molds, proofing, to the selection of materials on the back ... ... Size of the size of the plastic manufacturers, in the big process is almost the same. This is only a superficial phenomenon, because, from the final result, the blister boxes produced by everyone have been judged from the naked eye, and there are very obvious differences: Some blister boxes are crystal clear, and people are not willing to go directly. Touch, fear of leaving fingerprints; some despite the same shape, the details are not satisfactory, the pressure is uneven, there are flashes; did not use more suitable materials, or in order to save costs, use cheap materials, Feeling has already hit a very big discount ... ...

From the above, it can be seen that the quality of plastic blister can not be vague from the first step if it wants to achieve high quality. From the selection of materials to the production of plastic molds, this is a knowledge, accumulated experience, and some manufacturers do not hesitate to make the highest level of plastic packaging products. Although there are first-rate production facilities and the most expensive raw materials are used, it is not always possible to achieve the best results. This is not a simple accumulation of funds will be able to achieve the goal.

Blister box is used on what products, what kind of structure? Different blister boxes first have a lot to pay attention to in the production of molds. If the height of a plastic blister is small, the shape is square and there are not too many holes in it. So, this is the most common and simple blister box structure, basically every molder can make a compatible mold. However, the types of blister packaging are so numerous that it is necessary to install products in many industries. It is impossible to do almost every day to make plastic products. In the face of peculiar shapes and complex structural blister, the blister mold design will take a lot of technical personnel's mind from the inside out. Only planning the rough framework first will make it easier to make it later. This kind of work was encountered in the hands of a master who had not been able to work in the near future. Because of the lack of experience, he racked his brains and spent more than the usual time. The resulting mold did not seem to be a problem. But often the biggest problem lies in the time of production. At this time, it was discovered that the plastic mold has been racked up in a high-speed machine, and various parameters have been allocated for most of the day. However, the pulled-out tablets have various problems. This may be a problem with the level of blister operation. If this possibility is ruled out, the biggest possibility is that the mold is out of order. At this point, there is not much time to deliver the order, and there is not enough time to design a mold.

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