Blister Pack Punch Instructions

- May 10, 2018-

The blister puncher is also known as a blister pack puncher/bubble shell puncher, which mainly utilizes an air pump to provide power to the cylinder at the top of the puncher, and then punches the punch through the cylinder.

Blister packaging punch machine instructions

The first step

Firstly, the blister puncher is firmly fixed on the work surface, and the air pipe of the compressor is connected as required. (Note: The gas tube is connected to the bottom of the foot valve)

Second step

Select a product that needs to be perforated, fix the positioning block to the proper position of the bottom plate according to the position of the hole, then clean up the debris of the punch guide bushing area of the hole puncher and add lubricant. (Recommended Lubricant: Pure oil mixed with butter)

third step

Open the air compressor, adjust the air pressure to 6~8cm2, and use the foot to step on the valve to observe whether the punch puncher works normally (if the trachea is reversed, the punch puncher cannot lift it).

the fourth step

Prepare a product that needs to be punched. Position the product steadily in the designated position according to the punching machine, then gently step on the foot to complete the punching.

the fifth step

If there is any abnormality in the drilling process, the air compressor should be closed in time and a careful inspection should be performed.

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