Blister blister packaging common types

- Apr 25, 2018-

1, card packaging

It is through the combination of a paper card and a transparent plastic blister which is folded over three sides to form the outer packaging of the product. This packaging method is relatively simple and can be completed by artificial means.

2, blister card packaging

The plastic blister is heat-sealed on the surface of a paper card with a blister oil to form a product packaging, as is the case with battery packs that are often seen in supermarkets. The only tedious part of this packaging method is the use of blister sealing equipment to secure the product, paper cards, and blister packs.

3, double blister packaging

It refers to a packaging method in which two blister blister packs are combined with a paper card, a product, etc., and a special device is also required to seal the packaging. This kind of packaging method has higher packaging cost, but the edge of the product is better sealed and also more beautiful.

4, half blister packaging

It refers to the double-bubble shell packaging and packaging method of the product, suitable for the packaging of some particularly long articles. This type of packaging is also cumbersome. It is necessary to cut out the part of the bulb and expose the part of the item. It is convenient for the user to directly touch the product when purchasing the product in the supermarket.

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