Basic properties of PP plastic box material

- May 14, 2018-

PP plastic box can be classified according to the material: pp transparent packaging box, PVC transparent packaging box, pet transparent packaging box, etc.; can also be divided by application: electronic product series transparent packaging, clothing series transparent packaging box, cosmetics series transparent packaging box, Infant and child supplies series of transparent packaging, cutlery series of transparent packaging, daily necessities transparent packaging box, stationery series of transparent packaging, toys series of transparent packaging and so on.

The natural function of the PP plastic box mainly refers to the provision of guarantee, convenience and convenience for the sale, protection, storage, storage and transportation of consumer products, and brings about material benefits for the society. The optimization combination of the two is that the packaging conforms to the principles of “scientific, applicable, beautiful, and economical”.

Packaging, whether it is to achieve natural functions and social functions, but must experience the principles of application, science, beauty and economy; according to the principles of economics, human production activities always have the contradiction between input and output, that is, It is an attempt to obtain as much output as possible with as little investment as possible.

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