Application of Transparent plastic boxes

- May 10, 2018-

Transparent plastic boxes are also called plastic boxes. The transparent plastic box is mainly used as the outer packaging of the product. Because the transparent body is transparent and the product inside the plastic box can be visually seen, the transparent plastic box is widely adopted. Transparent plastic box is the collective name for related plastic products such as folding boxes, cylinders, heaven and earth cover boxes, hand bag, and hanging cards. The transparent plastic box can be used in UV printing, silk screen printing, bronzing/silver printing process. , frosted and other printing effects.

Transparent plastic box is commonly used in three materials: PVC, PET / APET, PP. Other not commonly used materials are PE, PS, PC, ABS, PETG, etc., of which PET and APET are green materials, the material because of Environmental protection, so it is widely used in digital, food, clothing packaging.