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Product Details

Product introduction:

Protective Reusable PET Face Shield


Effectively protect your entire face safety, virus through flying dust, saliva into the eyes or mouth and nose!

 * Material-

Protective mask using high transparent environmental protection PET material, high definition, harmless to human health!

* Cost performance -

The price of protective mask is low, it only needs 1/4 of the price of protective glasses!

Product specification:

Product nameMedical Full-face Shield For Nurse


Product Weigh

Production timeTwo millions need 7 days.
KeywordsFace mask with eye protection shield

1、Anti-Scratch PET Film With Double-Sided Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch/

2、Reasonable;Structure,;Suitable For Various Head Shapes Light;

3、Weight, Comfortable To Wear, No Pressure Hypoallergenic Foam Band Absorbs Sweat/

4、And Provides Plenty Of Space ;Ventilated

5、FoamDesign Adds Air Mobility And Comfort;

Face Protection Shield

1. Hypoallergenic foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eye glasses or safety goggles.

2. Sonically welded band gives the face shield added strength and reliability.

3.Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to don.

4. Excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash.

5.All straps can be sonically welded or secured to the shield with an eyelet for safety.

6.Vented foam design for increased air flow and comfort.

Q: What kind of file do you accept for printing? 

A: AI and PDF are appreciated.

Product photos:

face shield hood

Protective Face Shield

Face Mask

Company information

Disposable Face Shield

Face shield Certificate

Disposable Face Shield

face shield with eye shield

face shield with eye shield

Transparent Face Shield

medical face shield

medical face shield

dental protective face shield

medical face shield visor

medical face shield visor


Q:  Are you manufacturer

Yes, we are manufacturer.

Q:Do you have in stock?

A:Yes, we have in stock and can deliver on the same day.

Q:How many pieces can you deliver per day?

A:Shield is 700,000pcs per day

Q:How much is the shipping cost?

A:We just can choose international express deliveries which can deliver disposable

Freight is charged according to the quantity of goods. If you need them urgently, pls choose the fastest express delivery.

Q:Can you customize packaging?

A:Yes, more than 100,000 PCS can be customized for packaging

Q:Can you customize the logo?

A:Yes, more than 3,000,000 PCS can be customize the logo

Q:What is the actual output of your factory?

A:We manufacture 1,600,000 PCS per day, of which 1,300,000 PCS/day are supplied to the Chinese government.

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